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A Pregnant Mama!

Your crazy!” “You don’t waste no time do you?!” These are a few of the things I’ve been told, alongside the looks of horror in the waiting rooms at the doctors or baby weighing clinic. Other mothers, looking tired and stressed, desperately trying to calm their babies down , that are now screaming in frustration after being woken up to be undressed and put onto a cold weighing scale, glance at my baby then at my big pregnant belly with wide eyes. Yes i know , i laugh, i must be mad! My daughter will have just turned one when i give my birth to my son in July. He wasn't planned but hes not unwanted either. To be honest i had no clue i was pregnant at all, it was my sister who kept insisting i was. I thought she was just being her usual bitchy self ( well she ‘was’ being bitchy) by saying I’m getting fat! Little did i know, the little podge was my little boy! I was actually afraid to tell my mother, well; not ‘afraid’ but more not being ready to deal with the whole ” Your life is over now” lecture. When i finally did tell her, well a whatsapp message containing a black and white photo of my little bean , her reply was just unbelievable. ‘ I already knew you stupid’ i read.After asking her how , her next response was even worse, ‘ because you’re fat’ she says. Thanks mother! Thanks alot. Well at least its not a secret anymore and she didnt kill me so it could have been worse! Anyway now its out i could fully embrace my pregnancy and growing belly. I imagined whether it was a boy or girl, picturing two little girls, close in age in matching outfits and matching hairstyles. I’m having a boy, i knew i was though, i had salty cravings, and felt completely different to when I was pregnant with my girl. I am over the moon , literally. I already have a four year old son so will be nice to have a baby boy as it seems like it was soo long ago that i had one! Also my daughter can remain the princess of the house, her personality is so big and unique ( she literally runs the house) i was actually afraid of how another little girl would impact her . I think she knows that competition is on its way! I cant wait for the chaos and the extra cuddles and snuggles! And its a bonus that i don’t really have to buy much at all, just a few blue bits! Oh and a double buggy! Oh god. Bring on the madhouse!

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