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Ashtons & Parsons Teething Gel Review

*Gifted* REVIEW

We were kindly gifted the new Ashtons & Parsons Teething Gel to test and review. Amira has been really struggling recently with teething and with her back molars cutting through we couldn’t have been sent this at a better time! 🙌🏾 I didn’t even know that Ashtons & Parsons did a gel, i had only heard of and used the powders with my first born 5 years ago, so i was really excited to try it out. This isnt like other gels as it comes with a soft brush applicator , so you can actually massage it into babies gums! Amira is 15 months so she did try and fight me and clench her mouth to stop me at first but once i managed (to stop wrestling) and apply the gel she really seemed to be relieved from pain and it worked for ages. The brush is so great for getting it right into the gums and is much better than applying with a finger because i found she’d usually just suck it off or it would drip off before we even get anywhere close to where it needs to go! 😩 Its local anaesthetic free, sugar free and alcohol free🙌🏾 Its available to buy in Boots, Lloyds , Sainsburys and Amazon! When my new 7 week okd starts teething l will definitely use this . Thank you Parent Squad for gifting us this! Life saver !

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