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To the woman that said to her husband “that poor woman, she's got her hands full!” As she spotted me at the hospital struggling to keep the lift door open, car seat hanging on one arm, heavy baby bag on the other, shouting for my one and a half year old to come back here before the lift door closes and looking around shouting “ELIJAH!” because my 5 year old had wandered down a corridor out of my sight; don’t feel sorry for me! I am not ‘that poor woman!”

To the cashier at Morrison’s that looks at my trolley and sees my two babies and says “Cor, I feel for you! You had them close together!” Don’t feel sorry for me! Yes, I had them close together, they are just under 11 months apart in fact but don’t feel sorry for me!

My hands are full but my heart is fuller. I'm on my own but I’m never alone. I'm exhausted but I’m never tired of what I do. My house is never quiet but its also never boring. My hair is greying but my head is full of memories that me and my three kids make. Sometimes I cry but I laugh more.

So don’t feel sorry for me! Being a mother is hard, but to my children, nobody does it better than me!

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