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Dry your eyes mama

Dry your eyes mama,

I know its been a hard day , but dry your eyes mama. You feel like you’re getting everything wrong, everyone is judging you, you shouted at your kids a little too harshly today and the guilt is unbearable, you feel like a shit mum and you wish you were better. You want to talk to someone but no one really understands, or they will say stop being silly. Your in bed feeling like shit, tired but you cant sleep. You know the baby is probably going to wake you very soon , yet you can’t relax. Your eyes fill up and you cry silently, tears on your pillow, dry your eyes mama.

Your thinking about tomorrow, what needs to be done. Theres still dinner plates in the sink , ugh. Don’t cry mama, it will be alright . I understand; for i too am crying mama.

Its been a hard day, a long day. Its gone midnight and i cant sleep. I shouted a little too harshly today, the guilt is unbearable. I know the baby will wake me soon, i cant relax. I’m thinking about tomorrow, so much needs to be done . The laundry is piling up, theres still dinner plates in the sink. Ugh.

I’ll dry my eyes mama, If you dry your eyes too. We are in this together , it’ll be alright. Lets take a deep breath and count to ten. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine , ten. There, that feels a little better doesn’t it. Today was a bad day but today is done. Tomorrow

Is a new day to start again. When you wake up, kiss the kids good morning and tell yourself its going to be a good day.

Remember, we are all

In this together, your not the only one that needs to dry her eyes tonight. We will get through the bad days, they don’t last long. And our babies smile tomorrow will make it all worth it. Goodnight , dry your eyes mama. Tomorrow it will be alright.


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