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Favourite ‘Me Time’ indulges

Ahhh, the sweet rare sound of silence! Whether the kids have actually gone to bed ( and to sleep!) on time or if they are having a sleepover , that moment when i realise i can do whatever the hell i want to do is actually quite overwhelming! Is it just me, or do any of you mamas get into a panic, trying to decide what to do with yourself? Do you use this time to relax or go to bed early and catch up on sleep, or do you clean the whole house , prep meals for the week and do the online grocery shopping? Then, before you know it, its 1am, and you come to realise that you’ve completely wasted your free time and the kids will be back in the morning.

I’ve recently only just started practising self care, i find it really hard to put my feet up, and i feel the need to const clean; but being pregnant and suffering from terrible back and pelvic pain I’ve had to force myself to make my free time about ME.

Here are my top me-time activities:


Download and listen to an audiobook

Its so relaxing to be able to lay back, close your eyes and have a soothing voice read to you. Audiobooks are my new favourite. Just dont forget to put the sleep timer on if you are listening in bed, theres nothing more frustrating as falling asleep and not being able to remember where you were up to in the story! I am currently listening to ‘The Rumour’ by Lesley Kara and i am absolutely hooked!

•A long indulgent bath

I love a bath, super deep and ALWAYS with a bath bomb or bath salts. Not forgetting the candles either! Playing a relaxing playlist whilst soaking my aches and stresses away always helps me to unwind.

I‘m a massive LUSH fan, my favourite bath bomb is the Big Blue. I’ve spent many nights laying in a blue water bath pretending I’m floating in the sea on an Antiguan beach ! (We can dream, cant we!)

•Binge-watch a netflix series

I love to get cosied up on the sofa or in bed , in fresh, comfy pjs with my favourite snacks (currently blue doritos!) and find a good thriller series to watch. ‘Dirty John’ on Netflix was fantastic !

Next time you have some ‘Me-Time’ remember to put yourself first. Its not selfish, you’ve earned this time! Always remember my favourite saying; ‘Happy Mama, Happy Babas!’

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