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Hello Third Trimester!

Hello third trimester!

Hooray! I’ve finally reached the last 3 months of my pregnancy, feel like i’ve been pregnant for ages, but the end is near! Now is really the time to to start slowing down, and putting my feet up, as these last three months are the hardest. I’m getting more tired and uncomfortable, i think that my baby thinks he’s a karate fighter, I’m getting kicked , (or punched )all over the place! And don’t even let me get started about heartburn! I feel like a dragon, I’m sure i could blow fire. I know its just my baby causing chaos with my digestive system but if he doesn’t come out with a full afro me and him will be having words! I had heartburn with my other two pregnancies and both of them had a full head of hair , but this time round its something else! So my boy, if when you come out you’ve got hair for days, your forgiven, forgiven for all of the sleepless nights , feeling like i’d swallowed a whole scotch bonnet pepper!

I feel huge, i swear that i am much bigger at this stage than i was last time. The mums at my sons school keep saying “Ohhh you must be due soon!”

“No. I still have three months , and I’m hot, and my legs ache so can you just get out of my face please?” I want to say.

I have heard though, that with each pregnancy, you will be bigger than the last, due to all of your ligaments and muscles having already been stretched.

A bonus from having this baby so soon after having my daughter is that most of the big things, i don’t need to buy. Such as the baby bed and furniture , i don’t have to fork out for the essentials like a new steriliser and car seat either! Still though , i have a little bit to get sorted. I need to find a double buggy! And i am loving buying little blue outfits. Baby boy outfits are just the cutest, i find that there is so much more versatility and choice available than baby girls.

This month i will be focusing on finishing my hospital bag , choosing the double buggy and most importantly, giving baby boy a name! As i already know these next three months will most likely drag, and its getting warm as summer nears, so theres no doubt that i will have my miserable days but, I have my eyes on the prize, each day is a day closer to meeting my boy and that makes me smile. Every kick he gives me reminds me that he is just as excited to meet us as we are to meet him, and that we will be welcoming him home very soon. I pray for a happy and healthy remaining three months for myself and for all of you other mamas . We’ve got this! XxX

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