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Mama -1 School Run - 0


So, who would have thought that doing the school run by car would be more of a parlarva than by foot? I’d been without a car for months so was having to walk with the three kids, and i was thinking “this is such a mission!’ Well, i got a new car last week and I couldn’t believe the stress of it; the having to leave extra early for a car space (because i ended up driving round the block in circles until another parent would leave, then ending up being later than if i’d have walked!) and trying to yank the double buggy thats wedged so tightly from the boot and fiddling about trying to set it up because I’ve had to take it apart to fit in the car. Then theres waking up my 7 week old transferring him to the pram from the car seat. I can’t count the amount of times i’ve muttered “ for fucks sake” under my breath in the morning. So i tried a different approach, and that turned out even worse! I thought sod it, I’ll just let Amira walk and then I’ll carry the car seat with the littlest one in. BIG MISTAKE! Carrying my heavy chubba in the car seat with one hand and holding my 15 month olds hand with the other was hell, she didnt want to walk , she sat down in the street. In the end i thought “F THIS!” and picked her up too. So im struggling carrying a toddler AND a baby in a car seat , im sweating, looking like a HOT MESS, and feeling like i could collapse any minute. And then to piss me of even more the teachers are standing there giggling “You’ve got your hands full!” I wanted to glare at her and say “YOU THINK?!” But no, im polite so i did the little fake laugh that us mums have perfected and said it in my head instead, smiling at the other mums looking at me with sympathy ( some in horror) . So after doing all of this in reverse, on the way home i thought i really need a new approach on this, and it just clicked; and i feel a damn fool for not thinking of it sooner! So today i tested out my new plan, and my god! I feel like a new woman! I drove wearing my baby carrier , so when i got out out of the car i just slipped Amira in, and then I’m hands free to carry the babe! And it was this one simple change that made the whole school run experience bearable! My carrier is a NIMNIK one and i got it from Amazon for less than 20 pounds! Absolutely life saver! Mama -1 School run - 0 💪🏾

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