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The day baby boy gave me the fright of my life!

The day baby boy gave me the fright of my life.

Have you ever been so scared that all you can do is panic, think the worst and completely stop functioning ? This happened to me today. My unborn baby boy gave me such a scare. I literally thought I’d lost him.

I woke up and thought id wet myself, checked it and saw every pregnant woman’s nightmare, blood. Bright red blood. I sat on the toilet and felt the most horrible feeling, a pop, and a gush of blood. Also a passing of a gooey something , I was terrified to look. I couldn’t nt see anyway with all the blood. (Sorry TMI, but having babies is not glamorous at all! )

This is the first time I’d been in an ambulance and i pray i never have to again, for myself or for anybody I love. Being raced to hospital with the sirens on is not exciting , It made me panic more, the sense of urgency sent my anxiety through the roof . But i must say I got to the hospital so fast and there was already a wheelchair waiting for me .

I cannot express how grateful, thankful and relieved i was when they hooked me up to the ECG and i heart babas little heart beat, he also them started trying to kick the straps off my belly! He was letting me know he was all okay in there! Honestly, there was no feeling like it.

So, basically i have a low lying placenta (placenta pervia) and its causing havoc, it can cause heavy bleeds which can be very dangerous for expectant mothers and their babies. I have to have another scan at 34 weeks (currently 30+4) to see how low it still is, and then a plan for a c section will be put into place if it shows that its still lying low. I dont know how to feel about this, I’ve never had a c section , my two previous births were natural and I have heard nothing but bad things about c sections! But all i can do is stay positive, and remember that the nurses will do whatever is safest and in the best interest of myself and my unborn boy. I cannot thank the midwives here at Ipswich Hopsital enough for how they have looked after me being in here. And i thank god for keeping us safe and letting my baby be okay. I’m feeling so thankful and resting up in my hospital bed, missing my 2 children and boyfriend like mad though!

When you go through a scary time like i did, and you feel like it cannot end good, you have no hope and fear the worst, take a deep breath and thank god for blessing you to be able to carry your child and pray. Have faith in every situation that you will be okay and that you and your baby will get through . Miracles happen everyday!

Love a very hungry , sore, but full hearted Ashleigh xx

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